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The Return.


July brought tragic news to the hearts of Hollywood and Glee fandom. Nearly a month later the reality of Cory Monteith’s passing has yet to set in, creating an ominous feeling of floating grief and misunderstanding. As an original Gleek, I have had an especially hard time coming to terms with the passing of the […]

The past week of my personal life has been packed with painful partings. I’ve had to bid farewells to my families, both on screen and off. I find it fairly hard to believe the optimism that coincides with the phrase, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” I’m calling bullshit on anyone who […]

Fore score and 57 days ago I embarked on a journey into an unexpectedly deep immersion. My likeness for otherworld struck me once more, just in time to heal the wounds left by the conclusion of the Harry Potter franchise. Selflessly, I was able to break my own moral code by taking to the screen […]

This week I was able to combine two of my fondest passions, food and television. Living in Onondaga Hall limits my palate’s pristine preferences on the daily, which at times becomes heart wrenching, and spiritually saddening. Living off a rabbit’s diet I frequent the salad bar, dousing the bland leaves in oily dressing to mask […]